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Accelerate Policy Sales

Designed to engage your customers intelligently and proactively, our AI agent Violet provides immediate responses to policy inquiries, explaining options and guiding potential customers through the buying process. Violet personalizes each interaction, helping to convert prospects into policyholders effortlessly while assuring data security.

Revolutionize Claims Processing

Our Agentic AI Violet provides immediate, 24/7 assistance, answering customer queries, guiding them through the claim filing process, and even assessing initial eligibility. By handling routine tasks, it allows your team to focus on complex issues, thereby speeding up the overall process and improving customer satisfaction levels.

Enhance Customer Support

Available 24/7 through web, mobile, email, and SMS, our AI Agent Violet provides immediate responses to common inquiries, helping customers understand policies, file claims, and get quick solutions. Its machine learning capabilities ensure that it learns and becomes more proficient over time, delivering increasingly personalized support, reducing response times, and improving customer satisfaction.

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Violet executes

on your data

Our AI sets a new standard in the insurance industry with Violet's exceptional precision and unparalleled capability. Uniquely trainable on your specific data - including PDFs, policy documents, training manuals, and more, Violet is primed to grasp every possible workflow. This unique data enhances Violet's execution accuracy and ensures an effortless user experience.


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