Conversational Interfaces Built for Insurers

Increase customer engagement online, generate new business, and track performance in an intuitive white-label solution

How it works

The Insurmi platform is designed to effectively guide consumers through the entire insurance customer journey, from calculating coverage needs to applying for a policy.


Making your interface conversational gives you a competitive edge. Insurmi’s platform lets you build quickly, manage bots and track results – one platform, one partner, no hassle.


Guide users on desktop and mobile through a quick coverage needs analysis and provide real-time quotes, so your users can easily apply for a policy online, anytime.


Get real-time, actionable insights on how your users are interacting with the interfaces and route leads generated to internal sales team agents within your company.

Insure Chat®

Whether it’s giving a customer a quote, collecting claims data, or providing customer service – Insure Chat provides a broad range of customization options to service every customer-facing area of your business. Boost conversions and start capturing more revenue today.

Chat Tracker®

With Chat Tracker, your administration team can easily view a variety of analytics data pertaining to deployed interfaces. Track how far users are getting through the customer journey, route leads to agents, and get customized reporting.

Customer-Facing Features

Available On All Devices

Your customers can access our web-based, responsive conversational interfaces on any device and operating system. Open to everyone, everywhere.

Custom Needs Analysis & Plan Recommendations

Provide your customers with smart, built-in coverage calculators and custom, real-time quotes.

24/7 Self-Service

Our interfaces are available to users all day and night, allowing you to acquire new business and capture even more market share.

Carrier-Facing Features

Track Progress of Chats

Effortlessly see how far your customers are reaching through the customer journey and track progress in real-time.

Route Leads to Agents

Leads and applications generated through deployed interfaces can be routed to agents within your company for easy conversion.

Advanced Reporting Tools

Our advanced reporting enables your administration team to quickly view a variety of analytics data about deployed interfaces. Simple, easy, accurate.

“Insurmi is a key partner for our digital consumer engagement strategy. Their transparent philosophy, design-driven approach, and technical agility have made the partnership a natural fit.”

Bruce Hentschel

Assistant Vice President – Strategy

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