Life Insurance Shopping Expert
  • Hey there, I’m Ari!

    I’ll be giving you a little peak at what some of my capabilities are for helping consumers find the best life insurance policy…

    Ready to get started? 🙂

  • Keep in mind, while this demo is for term life insurance, I can be configured to guide consumers through the purchasing journey of any line of business

  • First things first, I'll need to know about your coverage needs.

    Would you like me to help you determine your coverage needs?

  • Ok I'll need to know the coverage amount and term you're looking for...

    How much life insurance coverage are you looking for? 💰

  • Ok, in order to calculate your coverage needs I'll need to know a bit about your income.

    What is your approximate annual income?

  • Income Replacement

    Expenses & Debt

  • Now I'll need to know a little about your expenses and debt

    What is the total amount of personal debt you currently have? (ex. debt from car loans, credit cards, and student loans)

  • What is the balance remaining on your mortgage? (leave blank if does not apply)

  • How much would you like to leave as a college fund for your children? (leave blank if does not apply)

  • Here's how much coverage I recommend you purchase

    This is how I calculated this:

  • Cool

    And how long of a term would you like your policy to last?

  • Got it!

    Now to get you the best quotes, I'll need to build your personal and health profile.

    What's your gender?

  • Okay, great! And what is your height in feet and inches?

  • And your approximate weight in pounds?

  • When were you born?

  • Ok, now we'll dive into some health questions as insurers set their prices based on how healthy you are...

    How would you describe your overall health today?

  • That's great!

    Do you smoke any tobacco-related products like cigarettes? 🚬

  • Ok, I have your personal profile built!

    One last question to wrap things up...

    What is your state of residence?

  • Awesome! One sec while I search your best options and get you prices on a policy...

  • >>Searching Top Carriers Animation (10 seconds)<<
  • We’re all set! Want to see your best options?